Our Culture

If you have a passion for innovative science and want to make a difference, Incyte is the company for you. Be part of the team that continues to develop and deliver important and innovative medicines for patients with cancer and other diseases.

Why join Incyte?

  • We have a track record of success
  • We have a competitive pipeline—we have the proven ability to select compelling targets and to develop high-quality therapeutic candidates
  • Our size enables every associate to contribute to the success of the company and to deliver on our mission of improving the lives of patients with cancer
  • We offer an outstanding benefits and compensation package to help meet personal needs as well
  • We appreciate, celebrate, and thrive on one another's differences and strengths and are proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer—by valuing diversity of backgrounds and perspectives and prohibiting all forms of harassment, we are able to promote a collaborative and innovative work environment in which everybody can contribute to their fullest potential

Please click through the gallery below to hear directly from members of the team.

Image of Incyte team member Darlise DiMatte, Sr. Research Scientist, Applied Technology

"Being able to use my 25+ years of lab experience and knowledge of science to battle cancer is very motivating.  Every day I walk into work thinking that we have an opportunity to solve one more piece of the puzzle.  It is very inspiring for a science geek like me."

Darlise D., Sr. Research Scientist, Applied Technology

Image of Incyte team member Dija Atta, Clinical Project Manager.

"Working at Incyte is exciting, fast-paced, complex and a growing experience. I'm constantly motivated by the passion and commitment of the individuals that I get to work with on a daily basis as we all work toward the collective goal of changing lives."

Dija A., Clinical Project Manager

Image of Incyte team member Li Zhou, Sr. Manager, Biostatistics.

"Incyte provides the opportunity for me to contribute my expertise toward the development of innovative therapies that really have the potential to change patients' lives. People here are friendly, passionate, knowledgeable, creative and committed, and every employee contributes to the growth of Incyte."

Li Z., Sr. Manager, Biostatistics

Image of Incyte team member Hemavathi Gowda, Sr. Manager, Publications and Scientific Communications.

"It is very rare to see a pharmaceutical or biotechnology company take a product from discovery through evaluation in clinical trials, registration, and successful commercialization.
At Incyte, every employee has the potential to contribute to this process."

Hema G., Associate Director, Clinical Research Scientist

Image of Incyte team member Janet Maleski, Sr. Director, Clinical Research Scientist

"The people I work with are extremely intelligent and highly committed with a dynamic and progressive approach to their work. And they're also just a fun group to work with."

Janet M., Executive Director, Clinical Research Scientist

Image of Incyte team member Khary Adams, Director, Laboratory Animal Resources.

"Incyte doesn't have a
'me-too' or copycat feel when it comes to developing as a pharmaceutical company.
Rather it holds onto its unique culture, which encourages development, incorporating techniques and technology beyond the status quo."

Khary A., Director, Laboratory Resources

= Image of Incyte team member Oleg Vechorkin, Sr. ResearchInvestigator, Chemistry.

"At Incyte, you are surrounded by highly professional people, and you have all the facilities and equipment you need to get the best results from your work. All our projects are very challenging, innovative and interesting. It is awesome to work in a great working environment and to do what
I've always wanted to do."

Oleg V., Sr. Research Investigator, Chemistry

alt= Image of Incyte team member SangHyun Lee, Principal Investigator, Pharmacology.

"Incyte is a science-driven company that cares about its employees by not only providing us outstanding benefits, but also
treating us like family. We maintain a startup-like atmosphere that is enthusiastic, creative, confident, team-oriented, and also comfortable."

SangHyun L., Principal Investigator, Pharmacology

Image of Incyte team member Steven Stein, Senior Vice President & Chief Medical Officer

"The people who work here are driven, smart scientists who work with high integrity and are focused on bringing value to patients. Our culture fosters innovation and allows risks, which is why our pipeline is filled with promise."

Steven S., Executive Vice President & Chief Medical Officer