Drug Discovery and Development

Incyte’s drug discovery efforts were founded in 2002 by a team of world-class scientists striving to create innovative medicines for patients. The relentless pursuit of scientific excellence remains at the core of our company today.

Our discovery approach integrates target selection, portfolio fit, compound quality and pharmacodynamic optimization. This approach ensures we not only develop molecules with characteristics optimized for their intended use but also build a portfolio that is strategically coherent and synergistic.

Our exceptional team of drug discovery and development scientists—led by distinguished executives with proven records of success—is committed to finding solutions for some of the most critical unmet medical needs. Our research focus spans Oncology and Inflammation & Autoimmunity.

Rigorous Science

Our scientific innovation is driven by our in-house discovery and development teams—including chemists, biologists, translational scientists and clinicians—who work together to create a seamless and integrated approach to research and development that is tailored to individual program needs. We have expanded our drug identification efforts to include small molecules, monoclonal antibodies and bispecific antibodies, providing us with the opportunity to explore combinations of therapies from both within and beyond our own portfolio.


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